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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  June 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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release his name. he denies to us that he fired the shot and then said everything that happened was an accident and he didn't do it on purpose. >> this is the man that police believe fired a shot into another motorist's car at 6:30 tuesday morning. now in police custody he gave us conflicting statements saying he did not fire the shot. but everything that happened was an accident. >> didn't fire it on purpose. >> everything that happened was an accidents. >> the 38-year-old victim was traveling in heavy traffic near the girard point bridge when the suspect came up fast behind him and started to tail the driver and the victim was able to move over one lane. at that time words were exchanged and the suspect produced a handgun which he waived at the victim with the window down. the victim told police he heard
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a gunshot and felt the impact when the bullet hit the right wheel of the car. they put out the composite sketch reporting he or she was involved in an incident with a guy matching the sketch. >> he was involved in another incident where the tip was called in the day before. we are investigating that incident to see what occurred at that time. police developed a suspect and picked him up in philadelphia this morning. he added, i didn't do it on purpose. >> i didn't do it on purpose. i didn't do it -- >> the man is not charged and that is expected to happen this evening. there are multiple incidents like these recently. sara thank you. 17-year-old hamilton will spend 75 to 80 years in prison for his
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role in a deadly robbery last year. last march james stoleman was walking his dog when police say that hamilton and two other boys tried to rob him and they negotiated a plea deal. tonight we hear from the local man whose son was the victim of a tragic murder in florida. the person responsible was the boy's mother. sophia haines is accused of using a bed sheet to suffocate her son saint leo and her daughter aerial in a relative's home. saint leo's father anthony singleton says he is still processing the news. >> she was really good with the kids, this was the last person i thought would do that to my son, to her daughter. >> court records show that haines called the relative in
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broward county asking her to come home. when she arrived she found haines' two children unresponsive on the bed. officials are still working to determine the cause of an early morning fire. flames broke out on the 1700 block of taylor street. neighbors tell "action news" they woke up in time to get their families to safety. >> heard noise like knocking on my door. like banging next door and i lifted my window up and all the smoke was coming in and i rushed everybody out of the house. >> firefighters found an elderly man inside of the home where the blaze started. neighbors say the man wasong ti time resident of the house. more arrests could be coming, after a two year investigation called operation
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antidote. police went undercover to fire the drug network, 12 houses were raided and they found cocaine, heroin, marijuana and cash and guns. you can see the mugshots of all the suspects at turning to the race for the white house tonight. today's major developments for the democrats. president barack obama has officially endorsed hillary clinton's bid for the presidency. >> look, i know how hard this job can be that is why i know that hillary will be so good at it -- >> the president made his endorsement in an online video today. the video was launched hours after senator bernie sanders clinton's rival, visited the white house for a meeting with president obama. sanders says he plans to remain in the race through the washington, d.c. primary next week. on the republican side, presumptive nominee donald trump is facing backlash from paul ryan.
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at the center of the converse is the remarks that trump made over a federal judge presiding over the lawsuit against trump university and today ryan called the comments a distraction from the issues at hand. we'll have more coming up at 5:30 tonight. in california, the former stanford university swimmer now in jail for sexual assault is putting the blame tonight on the school's party culture, they have evidence that he partied before he arrived on that campus. stephanie ramos is live tonight. >> reporter: people across the country are outraged at the sentence that former stanford student brock turner received and more anger at the people that supported him. >> of the dozens of people that wrote character letters in support of stanford swimmer, brock turner two of them regret doing it. his guidance counselor rode he
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was a man of character and undeserving of the outcome and is now apologizing. >> in a letter to the judge turner wrote i never really celebrating or partying involving alcohol. before the olympic hopeful was sentenced for assaulting another student on campus. prosecutors saying that they discovered dozens of text messages to prove it, where turner brags about drinking and hard drugs. >> it's remarkable that brock turner would write a letter to the court and claim this crime was as a result of the alcohol culture in stanford. >> the victim read her emotional statement to turner at sentencing. >> now that reaching everyone including the creator of hbo's "girls" leah dunham.
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>> why is our default reaction to disbelief or to silence. >> outrage over the 6 month jail sentence led the judge to receive death threats and to recall him. >> his sentencing is not out of the realm of possibility. >> vice president joe biden also weighing in on this case, writing an open letter to the victim praising her for the statement she read in court saying her words are forever sears on his soul. new at 5:00 now, we are getting a closer look at the devices installed in the vehicle of any pennsylvania driver who is convicted of a dui. it's the result of a law that passed last month and vernon odom has the store why. >> it will reduce the number of parents crying at the thought of what might have been. >> maggie han began is mourning
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the death of her teenage children miles and charlotte. they were killed when a drunk driver slammed into the back of their vehicle. he had two prior arrests for drunk driving and now her daughter's high school class has their graduation ceremony. >> her spot is represented by an empty chair and rose and moment of silence. >> she appeared to talk for mothers against drunk driving, requiring first time offenders to be subject to the same penalties as repeat offenders. to have ignition lock devices in their vehicles for at least one year. >> this would put it in temporary lockout for five minutes. >> pennsylvania joins 47 other states that impose interlock for first time offenders, experts say that nearly 1.8 million attempts have been foiled
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nationwide since this was introduced. >> they can provide for their families and go to work and athletic events and their house of worship. it will keep our roadways safe to make sure if they are driving their car they are sober. whether the offender suffers from poor judgment or addiction the consequences are significant. >> it will take penndot at least a year or more to get this first offender program up and running. in norristown, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." time for a check of the "action news" traffic report, thursday night. >> matt pellman is in the traffic center. >> we are not locked out but locked up on the schuylkill expressway heavy traffic in both directions, travel times three times what they should ideally be. and we expect it to linger
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because of the big international soccer game at the linc. there is the mlk drive closing overnight tonight starting 9:00 for construction at that point stick with the schuylkill or kelly as alternates and henry avenue closesed because of the downed tree. and whitpain a crash at norristown road. and skippack pike is an alternate. and the bigger accident is farther north at rancocas woods involving an overturned vehicle off to the side but jammed in both directions. >> thank you matt. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. that include a call to action from israel's prime minister. the day after a deadly shooting in the middle east. the fight he is vowing to win tonight. >> in health check the promising test that could let doctors detect alzheimer's disease at an
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early stage. >> gusty winds are dying down tonight it will feel like fall but then i'm tracking the return of summer along with some storms over the weekend. i'll have details on that in the accuweather forecast.
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we are breaking news from the chestnut section of philadelphia. chopper 6 hd was over the scene of a bus accident that happened at 4:30 this afternoon where four people were struck by the bus here. this is the 8400 block of german town avenue. two women were transported to the hospital after being truck by the septa bus. no word on their condition or the situation, if they were walking in the street or somehow the bus veered off course. police are on the scene, again two women struck by the route l septa bus. taken to the hospital. we'll monitor the situation and bringing it to you as it becomes available. israel is beefing up security after a deadly shooting in tel aviv. militants targeted a tourist and restaurant district killing
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four. and prime minister netanyahu visited the attack and vowed to fight the extremists, and the group hezbollah praised the attack as heroic. and researchers say we could be closer to have a simple blood test to detect the first signs of alzheimer's disease. >> he spoke with the head recitizenshiper at rowan school of medicine. he tells me the future potential and impact of this test is tremendous. the team developed a blood test to detect an early stage of has heimers, they said it's 100% accurate and typically it doesn't show up until 10 years after the disease starts and if they detect it sooner treatment can work better before there is
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too much damage. dr. nagel says it could work with other diseases in the future. and from cucumbers to ice-cre ice-creams, every year products are recalled because of safety concerns. in some cases it leads to consumer being at risk of sickness and even death. if the fda says the recalls were handled less than a week and some took longer. the agency is taking steps to address the problem. >> for the first time more teens are trying e-cigarettes than the traditional tobacco ones, nearly half tried vaping including cigarettes and huka.
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experts are not sure of the long-term effects. but parents need to be aware there could be risks, and when they talk to their kids about tobacco, they should discuss all types of smoking and e-cigarettes could be a gateway, good teens use them they may be more likely to try tobacco cigarettes. >> all right ali thank you. still to come on "action news" at 5:00 tonight, an old building on the ben franklin parkway now has a new look and a new honor to celebrate. and the big changes coming to the hottest tickets in new york, how much the producers of hamilton will soon be charging for the best seat in the house. ? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me?
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62 young women graduated in bryn mawr. they held their ceremony at the presbyterian church. this is the 107th graduating class for the all girl school. renovations are complete at the park town place apartments in center city. they celebrated the $200 million
5:21 pm
investment in their four towers with 900 apartments in them. in addition to upgradeding old one, they build a pub, outdoor pool and more. it was built in 1954 and is now on the national register of historic places. the hottest ticket on board way is about to get more expensive. they have nearly double the cost of the best seats in the house. premium seats are sold out until january, will cost $850 a piece. that is the most expensive ticket on broadway, neatless to say. and they are reducing the amount of same day tickets in lotteries to make the show more available to people and stop widespread scalping. >> you can't do dinner and a show. >> they should offer you dinner. >> looking live outside the sky
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time for accuweather on the "action news" big board. cecily tynan is here to talk about what is ahead in the sky as above. looking good. >> no clouds that is for sure.
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sky 6 hd looking over the ben franklin bridge, blue skies and loads of sunshine. okay i lied. we have a few puffy fair weather cumulous clouds popping up. and sky 6 hd is shaking with the winds, but the winds are starting to die down a bit. temperatures running 5 degrees below normal. philadelphia 76 and the same in wilmington with the winds that are westerly off the land. we have the land breeze not a sea breeze, about the same as inland. cape may 75 and allentown the cool spot at 72 degrees, we have wind gusts earlier today more than 30 miles per hour. now they are beginning to diminish slightly in philadelphia, down to 28 and wilmington 24 and reading 31 miles per hour. and once the sunsets the winds will really begin to slack off as high pressure begins to built in. satellite 6 along with action radar showing this high pressure over the tennessee valley, why we get the winds right now
5:26 pm
though. see the spin up here, there is low pressure over canada that brings the wind tunnel effect. and high pressure is building over us the winds will really slacken off. another fall like night. philadelphia 56 degrees a great night to open up the windows. allentown 47 degrees. down the shore plenty of sunshine and 74 degrees and philadelphia 78 and the poconos mostly sunny skies and a high of 72. storm free tomorrow however i am watching a system pulling through on saturday, and that will bring us an opportunity for late day storms. 10:00 in the morning, we have loads of sunshine, and the piece of upper level energy moves through i-95 at 6:00. and they could come with strong to severe weather with hail, with damaging wind gusts, that is something that they should be
5:27 pm
tracking. the five-day at 5:00, sunny and pleasant and 78 degrees and saturday most of the day is dry and late day and evening thunderstorms, otherwise warm and more humid and 84 degrees, sun we bump it up to 89 degrees and before the cold front rolls through and behind the system it's breezy and cooler and sun mixing with clouds with a high of 80, it's restaurant week in avalon, a great night to head there. melissa magee are you cooking or eating now? >> i think i'm going to leave the cooking to the chefs and i'll be eating with all the other patrons. this time it's about seafood at ocean side seafood. it's a shore thing and they have quite the spread of fresh seafood. we have crabs and crab cake and fresh corn, and i'm taking orders in time forest ran week, monica and rick what do you want? >> i'll take tilapia.
5:28 pm
>> scallops? >> tilapia? >> okay shrimp and corn. whatever you got. >> if i thought we would actually see that stuff -- we'll never see it. >> how about lobster i changed my mind. >> quick break.
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5:30 pm
"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. hello again here is what is happening on "action news" thursday night. >> i am with her and fired up and can't wait to get out there and campaign for hillary -- >> president obama gives his seal of approval for hillary clinton's quest for the white house. >> do you recognize this white car tied to a violent holdup. firefighters rush to a philadelphia neighborhood and find a car smashed on the sidewalk. i don't think there has ever been someone so qualified to hold this office -- >> as expected president obama officially endorsed hillary clinton in the race for the white house, just minutes after the official announcement was
5:31 pm
made clinton posted on twitter, honored to have you with me potus. and the endorsement came hours after he met her democratic challenger at the white house, bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is being pressured to bow out of the race and is staying in until the primary next week in washington, d.c. >> i will work as hard as i can, to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> sanders stopped short of endorsing mrs. clinton however he did make it clear he will support the party which will inevitably force him to end his bid. >> and donald trump was quick to criticize the endorsement. >> obama just endorsed four more years of crooked hillary. and he touts he finances his
5:32 pm
campaign with his own money tries to lure investors today. >> lauren lister is live with more. >> reporter: they met for an hour and a half today and afterwards sanders said thank you to the president for remaining impartial and the president coming out publically saying i'm with her. >> i'm with her. i am fired up and i cannot wait to get out there and campaign for hillary. >> reporter: president obama endorsing hillary clinton via this video. >> don't think there has ever been so some qualified to hold this office. >> reporter: coming outs after president obama and bernie sanders were seen talking and laughing at the white house. fresh from sanders' defeat the the polls and clinton the presumptive democratic nominee. >> i will of course be competing in the d.c. primary, which will be held next tuesday.
5:33 pm
>> sanders also railing against donald trump and striking a conciliatory tone when it comes to clinton. >> look forward to meeting with her in the near future to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump. >> the candidate back on capitol hill and then more meetings with the vice president and senate leaders. >> he knows how important it is to win this election. and beat donald trump. >> on the republican side, donald trump in new york with donors, while still facing a backlash after his controversial comments of the mexican ancestry of a federal judge. >> we want to make sure he renounces what he says. >> and in wisconsin next week president obama will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton at an event in green bay.
5:34 pm
channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now we head into the critical phase of choosing the next president of the united states, download the 6 abc app and get all the news from the campaign trail. it's a free download for your mobile device. other news tonight, we are continuing to follow a developing story from the chestnut hill section of philadelphia where a septa bus hit two women trying to cross the street. this is near the 8500 block of german town avenue. the women were take and to the hospital for treatment and we don't know how badly they were injured. we'll bring you updates as we get them. >> the driver that allegedly hit a septa -- 34-year-old jeffrey sodder was arrested yesterday police say he hit gary miller from behind when he was under the influence. he was running on roland avenue, and suffered two broken legs and
5:35 pm
a concussion. a driver lost control and slammed into a front stoop of a house here in north philadelphia here. this is the scene at the intersection of front and clear field. authorities are not saying if the driver was injured or what caused the crash. philadelphia police are searching for a trio of thieves tonight that targeted two people in kensington. the suspects walked up to the victims at ontario and arbor streets, back on the early morning hours of may 31st. they show the suspect's car drive ago way from the scene. are you asked to call police if you have any information. all right it is that time again, to see what is going on down at the shore this weekend. melissa magee is live in avalon with more seafood tonight. >> i am on a seafood diet melissa. >> oh, yes. you and your one liners, yes we
5:36 pm
are on the seafood diet and we are here in avalon for the seven mile restaurant week, you always learn something new. apparently this happens during shoulder season, after memorial day and before the 4th of july they offer restaurant week. i'm with michelle the owner of ocean side seafood. we have bang bang shrimp and lob ter rolls and crab cakes, check out what is going on this weekend. that crab cake has my name on it. >> ahoy maties, captain black and the crew are taking over the tuckerton sea port on saturday for the annual pirates festival. enjoy live entertainment and a demonstration. it begins at sec 11:00 a.m.
5:37 pm
with a pirate meet and greet. and the suds at the boardwalk this weekend. over 50 breweries pouring over 100 beers, beer lovers and the casual drinker are invited to check out the brewers that craft the beers and discover new ones much the taps open saturday at noon and admission is $40. >> it's time for the four-legged friends to have fun during the show us your paws parade. watch as man's best friends stroll the boardwalk in costumes. there will be a variety of categories, including best super hero and best surfer dog and best bathing beauty. registration begins at 4:00 p.m. and the walk starts at 4:45, from 16th to 14th street. hope to see you this weekend
5:38 pm
down at the shore. >> reporter: so restaurant week runs right now until june 12th not a bad deal, $30 for a three course meal you guys have fun down at the shore. >> i'm digging in. >> how is that crab cake? it must be good she is nodding. stay with for more on our ever changing forecast. find stormtracker 6 live double scan and updates from our team of meteorologists. matt pellman is here now with a look the the traffic. >> some people are headed to the shore to get a jump on the weekends during summertime. the blue route is always extra heavy, that is the case, a solid line from mid county from the schuylkill to baltimore pike. on the big picture, along german town avenue, we have the septa
5:39 pm
bus accident. and henry avenue is still closed in east falls because of yesterday's downed tree, stick with ridge instead. live look at the vine street expressway busy as always but not scheduled to close tonight and that is good news. construction has brwrapped in warrington over the little neshaminy bridge. and 295 northbound by the black horse pike accidents have cleared but speeds in the teens there as well. i'll see you tomorrow rick and monica. >> thank you. still to come the man captures on surveillance video trying to abduct a teenager from a store in florida appears in front of a judge today. >> tonight officials say the precheck system is not living up to its promise cecily is in for adam. >> we have building heat and
5:40 pm
humidity to the west and we'll tap into this for the weekend and have a chance for storms. i'll have details on what to expect in the accuweather forecast. >> jaime apody has eagles and phillies and a preview of the major league draft in sports when we come right back.
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a man that tried y ed tied a girl from a dollar store in florida was in court. take a look at the video. he tries to drag the girl out of the dollar general store while her mom held on to her daughter. an off-duty police officer was able to block the vehicle and then arrest him. now people are signing up for the precheck programs and now another problem. they are climbing to 16,000 applications in may. and that caused a log jam. it could take weeks to get an
5:44 pm
appointment for the required in person interview. jaime apody is here now with eagles. >> it's a wrap for now. the next time we see them it will be training camp time. sam bradford will unite in san diego for bonding time. but other than that we have a six week break before the grind. doug peterson says he learned a lot about his group since then. >> he bought into the things that i talked to them about. that is encouraging that i can trust them and they can trust me. that is the bottom line of this deal. we come to work every day ready to go and look forward to camp. >> it's going to be a quick break, i feel like in two or three weeks guys will get the itch, the feel for the season. the phillies season took a wrong turn, the pitching that
5:45 pm
was strong is now a problem. and things will get worse if they lose valesquez. we are awaiting the results of an mri and he rallied for the festival tonight for als. they signed autographs and posed for photographs. they have raised $16 million to fight lou gehrigs disease. for the first time they have a topic? will they find a future star, one is 6'7" pitcher a.y. puck. even with the pressure of a top pick they have to look beyond what they can do on the field. >> we are buying the human being and character is extremely important and someone that can handle the label of being one
5:46 pm
one. and you have to be wired the right way. >> a couple of local kids can expect to hear their name called. jason grooms should go early. and taylor mondow. and same for shortstop nolan jones, i saw him hit two home runs, he is ranked as high as the 16th best in the nation. the white gloves are on and the stanley cup is in the house. the penguins up against the sharks, for the first time ever pittsburgh could win the cup at home. the last time a championship was clinched in the burg was 1960. and cavs won game three and they will try to tie things up tomorrow in game four. cavs warriors here on 6 abc. and round one of the seniors championship teed off today. lets head to 18.
5:47 pm
jeff 2 under, can't get closer to a par than that. blow on it. didn't work. one under tied him with vijay singh. they trail blake who is 2 under par. >> that doesn't work for me either. you were busy there, on the radio this morning. talking about our colleague gary papa. the 14th annual gary papa run just ten days away, and there is time to sign up and join us on father's day. jaime apody stopped by at the preston and steven show. part of the walk run that raises money to fight cancer. gary papa died just days before father's day. and this year's gary papa run is on june 19th, 17 years to the day we lost our beloved
5:48 pm
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a big day for a couple of high school graduates here on the main line. the class of 2016 got their diploma today.
5:51 pm
the all girls college preparatory school is in rosemont, congratulations to all the graduates. i love the gowns and roses, they are beautiful. >> very nice. cecily tynan has more on the cooler forecast but still a pretty day to be out. >> a lot of people on my facebook page, saying today would be perfect if we could calm the winds down and bring the temperature up. we'll do that tomorrow. >> your wish is her command. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that there is no rain out there at all today and the action cam in wilmington at branny wine state park because the ducks are enjoying the weather today not too foul. the normal high is 81 and right now 76 degrees and the same in wilmington and allentown cooler and 72, millville 77 and with the west wind and the land breeze, the beaches have the
5:52 pm
same temperatures inland and atlantic city airport 76 and satellite 6 along with action radar along with action radar showing loads of sunshine and double barrel high pressure is moving in and once it moves over us, that is when the winds diminish. the winds will die down and it will be cool, and 47 in the cooler suburbs, 56 degrees in center city. tomorrow the high pressure is right over us, it is going to be spectacular and mostly sunny skies and 78 degrees and a little bit breezy and the wins are not nearly as strong as today. heading into saturday we have changes and if you like it feeling more like summer you have it on saturday. a warm front is moving through and bringing us winds out of the southwest and it will be warmer and 84 degrees, more humid and then there is a vortex, a piece of energy moving through late in the day and that could bring us
5:53 pm
another round of very strong storms. in fact the severe storm prediction center posted for our viewing area except for counties along the shore except for those under risk of severe weather, any storm could have damaging winds and hail and the possibility of an isolated torn, this is something i am tracking as we get closer to the weekend. in the meantime great start to the weekend down the shore. meteorologist, melissa magee, is on june drive in avalon soaking up the sunshine. >> reporter: yes, it's beautiful out here, a bit a breeze to deal w. dune drive and 25th street, nice as we head into the weekend, friday it is sunny and beautiful down the shore with a high temperature of 74 degrees, saturday a nice mix of clouds and sunshine and brighter during the day and the clouds roll in as we go through the afternoon hours, a high temperature of 76, could be storms late saturday night. something to keep in mind if you
5:54 pm
are perusing the boardwalk late on saturday night. it's warm and windy with the warm front coming through and high temperature of 88 degrees and the ocean temperature is 58 degrees, we are soaking up the sun while it lasts for our weekend, and it looks like it's going be nice all the way through. >> thank you melissa. if you are headed to the mountains this weekend, it's looking great lots of sunshine and temperature up to 72 degrees, on saturday the afternoon thunderstorms are rolling through and could be strong to severe. 75 degrees and sunday windy but bright sunshine and a little bit cooler with a high of 73. so the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast beautiful tomorrow 78 degrees with sunshine and we bump it up to 84 degrees with the humidity and the chance for strong to severe afternoon thunderstorms. on sunday it's windy and warm and 89 degrees, ahead of a cold front could touch off a shower sunday night and behind the system it's much cooler on
5:55 pm
monday and the high is 79 degrees and back up to 80 on tuesday and partly sunny skies and a nighttime shower is possible and wednesday seasonably warm and 82 degrees and thursday warm with a thunderstorm possible and a high of 84 degrees. tomorrow should be spectacular and most of the weekend is looking good. >> thank you cecily. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working?
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ask a urology specialist if botox can help calm your bladder. visit and learn how botox can be a low cost option. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. the man who police say opened fire on i-95 is now in custody. and a philadelphia mom charged with killing her children during a trip to south florida. and pay back for our country. gets the key to a mortgage free home. for adam joseph, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team i'm melissa magee, have a
5:58 pm
great night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, cecily tynan and jim gardner. thursday night and police say they have caught the man that fired a gun on i-95 at a school bus crash sent students to the hospital. but the big story on "action news" tonight is an unthinkable crime that has taken the lives of two children from philadelphia. 40-year-old sophia haines of frankford has been arrested and booked on charges that she murdered her two young children. the 3-year-old daughter and
6:00 pm
7-month-old son were suffocated yesterday during a visit to miramar, florida. chad pradelli is live in frankford where he has been talking to haines' husband. >> reporter: well jim, talking to the relatives including the husband, they never sensed a bit of trouble with sophia haines, so they are struggling to understand why. >> i still don't believe she ook8 dwith thh't believe she


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